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Forces has turned its experience in the real estate industry into collaborated partnerships beyond the seller-customer relationships thanks to the new structure established in 2016.
New opportunities await our investors in our projects for which every budget is certainly evaluated.


Evaluating the possible investment opportunities in the field of real estate with its expert team, Forces ensures that the right region is selected, the right land is found and the right project is realized. Investors are made partners of the planned project in proportion to their respective financial participation by fulfiling the legal conditions. Planned project is given to a contractor in accordance with an agreement to be entered into. While each project is assigned to a consultant, every investor has a consultant in Forces. This allows you to safely follow up your investments and keep informed of the new investment opportunities.

  • How does the Forces ensure that its partners make the maximum profit?

Through its team of consultants, Forces offers alternative investment opportunities to the new participators by considering their current budges and expected investment return periods. In addition to the investments with return periods as short as 12 months, Forces shares investment opportunities that can reach the expected value in 72 months or longer periods with its partners. In this way, a partnership law is established so that the expectations of every partner can be met and every partner can make the maximum profit.

  • Title Deed Transactions
  • Project Follow-up Process

Forces carries out comprehensive R&D work through its professional team and solution partners in order to offer appropriate opportunities to its investors, and ensures that the most correct investments will be made. Firstly, the development dynamics of the area to be invested, and its investment value in the short, medium and long terms are considered, and the project suitable for the need is determined considering the population and demographic structure of the area. For this purpose, it is essential that each project to be developed will have a high economic value, add value to its region, create awareness in its vicinity, and be compatible with the urban aesthetics.